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The “very delicate” 20km Fun ride

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The “delicate” 30km Half Marathon

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The “not so delicate” 50km Half Marathon

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The “not so delicate” 77km Full Marathon

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The “not so delicate” 110km Ultra Marathon

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In order to be timed riders must have a registered RaceTec board. Boards can be purchased and checked at registration. All timing queries to be addressed to RaceTec directly.

Please ensure that you keep hydrated. Humidity levels easily raises to over 95%.

Race categories & Starting Times:

  • The “very delicate” 20km FUN RIDE: 08h30

  • The “delicate” 30km HALF MARATHON: 08h00
  • The “not so delicate” 50km HALF MARATHON: 07h30
  • The “not so delicate” 77km FULL MARATHON: 07h00
  • The “not so delicate” 110km ULTRA MARATHON: 06h30

Race cut-off times:

Please note that the screening times remain in the below column, however, this will be based on Covid19 protocols. As at 29 April 2022, the screening is not required. 

Ascend for all races:

Route Ascend/Descent (m) Maximum Slope (%) Average Slope (%)
20Km Fun Ride 285 12.7% -7.9% 3.2% -3.1%
30Km Half-Marathon 525 9.7% -7.2% 3.0% -2.9%
50Km Half-Marathon 1,703 20.3% -22.7% 5.7% -5.9%
77Km Marathon 2,284 15.5% -20.5% 5.0% -5.0%
110Km Ultra Marathon 3,266 15.6% -19.8% 4.7% -4.6%

Any changes to the above will be announced at the race briefing on the race day