Things to do in Barberton:

Below is a list of activities / things to do and see in Barberton, Mpumalanga.

  • Greenstone Trading post: restaurant, museum, nursery and more – click here
  • Dusty tracks: experience the historic town of Eureka – call 072 668 4063: or click here
  • Geotrail: Drive the new 40km Geotrail and experience some of the oldest areas in the world, up to 3.5 billion years old.
  • Gold panning: Andrea 079 180 1488
  • Underground Gold mine shaft tour: a guided tour of one of the oldest and riches gold mines in the world. Andrea 079 180 1488
  • 4×4 or quad bike trails: old carriage way route where you visit the historic Eureka city, grave yard and ghost town – click here
  • Museum visits: 013 712 4208
  • Stock exchange: The world’s first stock exchange was in Barberton
  • Horse riding 
  • Paragliding

To book your trip or for more information contact Andrea on 079 180 1488 or Astrid at Barberton Tourism on 082 959 6670 or visit or